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Put your health first with treatment from our pain management specialists in Pinellas and Hillsborough including Temple Terrace, Florida. At LaRocca Injury Centers LLC in the Tampa Bay Area, our medical staff is committed to handling the pain care of each of our patients with options like manual therapy in Hillborough and PInellas including North and South St. Petersburg, FL area and surrounding locations.

Contact our medical staff to discuss the causes of your pain and possible treatment options that we can offer. Our medical staff works with patients suffering from injuries from car accidents and slips and falls. Treatments options can include Cold Laser Therapy, medication prescription, x-rays and services of a chiropractor in Clearwater, FL, Tampa FL, St. Petersburg FL and Temple Terrace FL. Need more information? Contact us today at any of our locations by calling 727-797-7090 at our main office. Don’t just live with the pain of a slip and fall or an accident. Consider the services of LaRocca Injury Centers, today!



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